Gretchen Ho launches ‘Donate a bike, save a job’ for deserving workers

TV host and personality Gretchen Ho announced that she will be giving away 50 bicycles for workers who are struggling to get to their work during the pandemic, August 13.

Ho launched her campaign ‘Donate a bike, save a job’ thrpugh her social media platform in which interested employees could apply through the given link.


According to the TV Host, those who will apply must “JUSTIFY why you’re DESERVING , and show PROOF when [her] team contacts you”.

“This took quite some time because we had them shipped from abroad, but I’ve used them and both mountain & folding bikes are of good quality,” Ho stated in her tweet.

She also noted that one can nominate other people since not everyone has an internet access. These nominees will also be subjected for the same verification process.

Ho initially have 50 bikes, mix of mountain bike and folding bike, to give away. However, she already received pledges for an addition of 116 bicycles from other people.

The bikes will be given away to the chosen recipients once the modified enhanced community quarantine has been lifted.

Courtesy: Gretchen Ho Facebook Account

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