Deadline for motorcycle barrier extended to July 31

The National Joint Task Force against COVID-19 extended the deadline for the installment of motorcycle barriers until July 31.

Police Lieutenant General Gulliermo Elearzar, NJTF COVID Shield Commander, announced the five-day extension on Friday, July 24, after receiving mounting requests from motorcycle riders to give them more time to comply with the rule.

The NJTF previously set the deadline on July 26.


“In effect, motorcycle riders were given three weeks grace period to comply with this requirement. This will be the most that the government, through our NTF Against COVID-19, could give for our motorcycle riders to comply in order for them to be allowed to back-ride their spouses or live-in partners,” Eleazar stated.

Eleazar said that motorcycle dealers accrossed the country were already advised as to where riders could avail of the approved barrier design.

The barriers will also be available in popular online stores.

Eleazar ensures that NJTF is working with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to make sure that substandard barriers will not go to the market.

The government has allowed motorcycle back riding for married couples and live-in partners starting July 10 subject to safety and health protocols such as the installation of safety barriers to ensure physical distancing.

A total of 1,564 motorcycle riders were caught for “unauthorized back-riding” since it’s implementation.

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