Digital Artist from CSJDM recreates iconic locations in Manila

A graphic designer from City of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan, recreated iconic sceneries in Manila and turned them into anime-style digital paintings.

Vince De Leon, the creator of these viral artworks, stated that his works are created through the use of paint over the photo and then digital painting with a drawing tablet.

“Mostly ‘pag paint over photo is one day lang ang pag-render. Kapag digital painting two to three days po ang process,” he said.

Aside from the sceneries in Manila, he also recreated Polytechnic University of the Philippines’ Obelisk, locations in his hometown, and more.

“I want to inspire others to create something different that will help other people lalo ngayon may kinakaharap tayong pandemya kahit sa munting art na ito mapasaya ko ‘yung tao sa mga anime background scenery na ginawa ko,” De Leon expressed.

His artworks are also posted on his social media accounts and website:


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